Thursday, December 18, 2014

Career Services - Spring 2015

MCA Career Services Schedule of Events
Spring 2015

GR=Graduate students
!!!=Appropriate for All Students

Important Dates for Summer/Fall 2015 Internships:
Advising Day: Friday, March 20th
Application, interviews and paperwork submission deadline: Monday, April 27th, 2015

Creative Career Path Inventory session (CCPI) (SO, JR, SR, GR)
Tues., Jan. 20th, 12-1 PM in DA Media
Have you wondered what career might be the right “path” for you? Take the CCPI and then come to this session to learn about career path options interesting to you, resources that will help you learn about salaries, job outlooks, etc., skills you will need to develop in addition to your art-making skills, and building a plan of action for success.

To prepare for this session, register by contacting so you can take the inventory prior to this session (required).

MCA Fine Arts Alumni panel (FR, SO, JR, SR, GR)
Wed., Jan. 28th, 12-1 In Conference Room (behind the Library)
Meet MCA alumni who know how to be successful in careers for Fine Arts majors!

What Does it Mean to be a Freelance/Self-Employed Artist? (!!!)
Are you already doing freelance or commissioned work? Want to begin doing this type of work to earn money, build portfolio pieces and experience? At this workshop, Susan Lattimore, CPA with the Marston Group, will teach students about the “art” of self-employment related to taxes and financial planning.

Internship Orientation (GR, SR, JR, SO)
Thurs., Feb. 5th, 12:15-1 PM in the Conference Room (off the Main Gallery)
Internships are an excellent way to for students to learn about their profession and gain experience to include on their resumes. This session required for students planning to register for internships will provide an overview of the internship process, the opportunities available as well as expectations during their experience. are required to attend one internship orientation prior to registering for the internship.
Important Dates for Summer/Fall 2015 Internships:
Advising Day: Friday, March 20th
Application, interviews and paperwork submission deadline: Monday, April 27th, 2015

MCA Teacher Assistant (TA) Workshop (!!!)
Mon., Feb. 9th, 3:45-4:45 in Callicott Auditorium
Want to work in MCA’s summer camp as a TA? Come to this session to learn how to make a good impression for success in the application and interview process.

Senior/Graduating Student Planning Workshop: Building a Plan of Action for Graduation (SR/GR)
Wed., Feb, 11th, 12:15-1 PM in DA Media
All seniors are invited to participate in this session—don’t wait until after graduation to learn how to utilize your professional network, conduct a post-graduation job search, and convey the value of your skills and knowledge.

Resume Workshop
Thurs., Feb. 19th,12:15-1 PM in DA Media (!!!)
Planning to apply for an internship or job? Want to get prepared for the Career Fair on April 24th? Learn to articulate who are you and what can you do--this is what internship supervisors and employers will need to know to consider you for internships or jobs. Come learn how to begin or how to update your resume for success!

Interview Workshop
Wed., Feb. 25th, 12:15-1 PM in DA Media (!!!)
Got the Interview---now what?! What do you say? What do you wear? What pieces should you present? Whether you are preparing for a planned interview or going to the Career fair on April 24th, you need to be prepared. Come to this workshop to learn how. Bring your resume!

Advising Night, March 19th from 5-8 in Rust Hall Main Gallery
Find out about Studio Elective Internship options!

Careers in Art Education (K-12) (!!!)
Thurs., March 26th, 12:15-1 PM in DA Media
Have a passion for teaching children or teens? Come to this session to learn about opportunities and the requirements for teaching in K-12 setting.

Career fair Prep Workshops (SO, JR, SR, GR)
Mon., March 30 and Tues., March 31st, 12:15-1 PM
in the Conference Room (off the Main Gallery)
Planning to register for the Career Fair? Then you must attend one of two career fair preparation workshops before you can register. Find out who will be at the career fair, what you need to bring and wear and how to handle the brief “pre-interviews at the fair.


Friday, April 10th, 4:30 PM: Deadline for Ferris Scholarship Application

Career Fair (JR, SR, GR)
Friday, April 24th, 1-3:30 in the Rust Hall Main Gallery
Students must pre-register for this event.

Mon., April 27th: Internship application and registration process deadline.

“Mocktail” hour networking event (SO, JR, SR, GR)
Wed., April 29th, 6-8 PM in the Main Gallery
Attend this fun cocktail hour event to practice your networking skills with local alumni and business professionals. Students must be enrolled in the P2 course or have attended at least two of the following workshops in order to get a “ticket” to this event:
Resume writing, interview skills, or networking workshop to participate.

Tour of local TBA artist studio (!!!)
Students will visit a local artist’s studio to learn about their career path/
Space is limited to so RSVP to Carrie Brooks (

Fri., May 1st: Supervisor/Student internship evaluations due to Career Services