Thursday, March 26, 2015

Color Interaction.

Color Interaction In Class Assignment.

Using your color aid paper (and Gouache if necessary) you will be creating color squares as Josef Albers did to explore the relationships and interactions of colors between and surrounded by other colors.

You will be placing a ½” square within the center of a 2” square for each of the following studies

1.     Value-try to alter the value of a color.  First by using an achromatic gray and second by altering the value of an chromatic gray. Then, make two more studies (1-achromatic gray, 1-chromatic gray) which make two different values appear to be one.
2.     For the second- create a group of five studies and try altering only the hue of a single color; value should remain the same.   Use experimentation and trial and error to get five good examples; explore colors at all levels of saturation.  As you work, think about what you discover and try to make sense of it.
3.     Make five studies that show an alteration of saturation predominantly.
4.     Produce five studies that appear to alter the hue, value, and saturation of a single color
5.     Finally, try to make two different colors appear as one. 

SEE BELOW for added instructions and image samples.

Due Friday April 4

The following is taken from our text Colour: a workshop for artists and designers (David Hornung)

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